Facebook will create a ‘virtual bubble’ to prevent harassment in the metaverse

Meta doesn’t want people to feel virtually harassed in the metaverse , so it will enforce a bubble of 1.2 meters distance between avatars.


The metaverse is the great promise of Facebook  (now called Meta) for the future. In it, he promises to move our real experience to virtuality, with all its benefits and disadvantages. But, just as it happens in reality, there are threats that can harm this new daily life, which is why Mark Zuckerberg’s company has begun to act.

According to a company blog update, Meta is upgrading its Horizon Worlds platform to add anti- bullying measures , a growing concern.

A virtual bubble

One of the first measures that Meta will take is that it will implement a bubble to prevent “physical” harassment . To do this, a space of 1.20 meters will be limited between each digital avatar to avoid “rubbing” or virtual discomfort.

As Kristina Milian, a company spokesperson, has commented, the system is designed to remain active at all times, in an attempt to create a standard norm in this type of universe.

“A Personal Boundary prevents someone from invading your avatar’s personal space. If someone tries to enter your personal limit, the system will stop moving forward when they reach the limit. You won’t feel it, there’s no tactile feedback,” says Millian.

For participants, this rule will have two immediate effects. The first is that when a digital avatar gets too close to yours, it will collide with this imaginary bubble, so it won’t be able to move forward and will have to go around it. In the second case, you will be able to cross it, but only to continue on your way and avoid congestion on these digital routes.

“Virtual Reality can and should be for anyone”, highlights Facebook at the end of its publication.