Facebook will reveal its progress on the metaverse in October: its new VR glasses are expected

Meta is dating the next October 11 as the date on which we will know more details of its metaverse .


A year ago, Facebook revealed that it is preparing what is called the metaverse.

A digital universe that it seeks to command. Now, 12 months later, he wants to surprise us with his progress.

On October 11, the company will celebrate a new Meta Connect together with its Reality Labs division to give us details of the progress of its digital construction, with a glimpse of what they call “the future”.

What awaits us at Meta Connect

For this edition, Connect will bring together developers and specialists in virtual and augmented reality to provide details of what the current metaverse is .

Although we do not have details of what will be presented, we can infer that it will be the precise date for Meta to launch the so-called Cambria Project , the new virtual reality lens that it is preparing together with Oculus. Precisely, Mark Zuckerberg himself had indicated that these were going to be revealed in October.

“For the next device coming out in October, there are a few important features. The ability to now have a kind of eye contact in virtual reality. For your face to be tracked so that your avatar is not just this motionless thing, but whether you smile or frown or grimace, or whatever your expression is, it translates in real time to your avatar.” Zuckerberg told the Joe Rogan podcast.

annual tradition

Connect has been held annually since 2014 as Oculus’s and then Facebook ‘s largest event focused on outlining the company’s strategy in virtual reality and augmented reality.

The event typically includes deep dive sessions and product announcements that provide a framework for developers to digest while building for Meta platforms .

To connect, it will only be necessary to enter the Reality Labs page to tune in to the broadcast.