Deadline reports that Fairy Tale , Stephen King ‘s latest novel , will be adapted by Paul Greengrass as writer and director.

There is not yet a studio involved, but such a project will have no difficulty in finding a home in Hollywood.

King granted the rights to the British filmmaker for $ 1, a classic formula that allows the writer to get a good portion of the profits. His comment was:

Needless to say, I’m a huge Paul Greengrass fan and I think he’s a fantastic choice for this film.

Greengrass himself is also very satisfied:

Fairy Tale is the work of a genius. A classic adventure story and also a disturbing contemporary allegory.

The director made himself known thanks to Bloody Sunday , before achieving great commercial success with the Bourne saga . His most recent film is World News .

But what is Fairy Tale about?

Published in Italy by Sperling & Kupfer , Fairy Tale is a fantasy adventure novel starring a seventeen-year-old who discovers the existence of an extraordinary world, “a parallel reality where Good and Evil fight a battle on which the fate of our own depends. world”. Here is the synopsis of the book:

Charlie Reade is a seventeen-year-old like many others, discreet at school, excellent at baseball and football. But he carries a burden too great for his age. His mother died in a car accident when he was seven and his father succumbed to alcohol from the pain. Since then, Charlie has had to learn to look after both of them. One day, he runs into an old man – Howard Bowditch – who lives in seclusion with his dog Radar in a large house on top of a hill, known in the neighborhood as “Psycho’s House.” There is a shed in the backyard, always locked, from which strange noises are coming. Charlie rescues Howard after an injury, gaining his trust, and takes care of Radar, who becomes his best friend. Until, at the point of death, Mr. Bowditch leaves Charlie a tape where he recorded an incredible story, a secret he has kept hidden all his life: inside the back shed is the gateway to another world. A parallel reality where Good and Evil fight a battle on which the fate of our own world depends. An epic fight that will end up involving Charlie and Radar, in spite of themselves, in the role of heroes.