Very few details about Fantastic Four are currently known .


We know the Marvel film will be directed by Matt Shakman and shooting in early 2024, but other than that no actor has been announced yet.

It seems, however, that the casting will start very soon, more precisely this month, and that the search will begin with the new face of Sue Storm , previously played by Jessica Alba and Kate Mara .
Justin Kroll confirmed it on Twitter:

Filming won’t begin until early 2024, but Marvel is rumored to begin casting searches this month. There are no names at the moment it seems to me that the main focus will be to pick Sue Storm first and then build the rest of the team after her.

To be clear, even if something does start to move, it could be weeks or even months before we see the four actors given the precision of Feige and the studio.


Fantastic Four was in the hands of Jon Watts , but the director of Spider-Man: Homecoming and its sequels has decided to give up to take a break from superhero films. Matt Shakman – the same as WandaVision – seemed the ideal replacement in the eyes of Kevin Feige , who already trusts him, and therefore will entrust him with the production without having to supervise it personally (as he did with Sam Raimi for Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness ).

The screenplay

Marvel Studios has hired Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer to write the script. Their filmography is not very rich, consisting only of Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship and The Last of the Great Romantics . However, the two are considered one of the most popular writing teams of the moment: last year they sold several spec scripts (screenplays written on their own initiative, not commissioned by any studio), including the comedy Disaster Wedding . Another script of theirs to be made is K-Pop: Lost in America .