On his Patreon , Daniel Richtman reveals that the production of Fantastic Four will begin in January 2024.

A likely date, as it would give Marvel Studios plenty of time to complete the casting before then, and to finish both filming and post-production by February 14, 2025 , when the film will be released in US theaters.

Richtman also cites another indiscretion, which at one time would have seemed crazy to us … but today perhaps not so much. It seems that Ryan Reynolds wants to reunite the cast of Fantastic 4 and Fantastic 4 and the Silver Surfer in the next Deadpool 3 : it would be Ioan Gruffudd ( Mr. Fantastic ), Chris Evans ( Human Torch ), Michael Chiklis ( The Thing ) and Jessica Alba ( Invisible Woman ). The eventual presence of these actors would allow Deadpoolto play with his classic metanarrative humor, especially when we consider that those two films date back to the days of 20th Century Fox , before it was acquired by Disney .

Obviously it’s just a rumor, so let’s take it with a grain of salt. Moreover, let’s not forget that Chris Evans is also the interpreter of Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe , and in his case the jokes would be wasted. The release is expected for November 8, 2024 , a date previously occupied by Fantastic Four . The latter will be the first film of Phase 6.

We will keep you posted.


The project was in the hands of Jon Watts , but the director of Spider-Man: Homecoming and its sequels has decided to give up to take a break from superhero films. Matt Shakman – the same as WandaVision – seemed the ideal replacement in the eyes of Kevin Feige , who already trusts him, and therefore will entrust him with the production without having to supervise it personally (as he did with Sam Raimi for Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness ).

The screenplay

Marvel Studios has hired Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer to write the script. Their filmography is not very rich, consisting only of Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship and The Last of the Great Romantics . However, the two are considered one of the most popular writing teams of the moment: last year they sold several spec scripts (screenplays written on their own initiative, not commissioned by any studio), including the comedy Disaster Wedding . Another script of theirs that will be realized is that of K-Pop: Lost in America .

The cast

Still no news, regarding the cast. John Krasinski played a variant of Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness , but we know that sometimes the variants look different than those of Earth-616. In addition, Krasinski ‘s casting seemed like a one-off solution from the start , to wink at the campaigns of fans (who have wanted him in the role of Richards for years ). For Mr. Fantastic the name of Penn Badgley circulates , but it is only an unsubstantiated indiscretion.