‘Fast and Furious 10’ (yes, another) already has a release date

A couple of years ago, before the pandemic began, no one would have imagined that Fast and Furious nine would become the lifesaver of the film industry in one of the most complicated stages of its history.

Although the feature film did not raise what was initially expected, its premiere managed to drive the return to the cinema in mid-2021. After this achievement, now Vin Diesel and his family have their sights set on the near future, that is, on Fast and Furious 10.

Although the tenth installment of the franchise – by numbering – has already been confirmed for a long time, Entertainment Weekly echoes its release date: April 7, 2023. However, it should be noted that in these times, it is difficult to trust the calendars of the production companies. After all, the pandemic is not over, so the film industry depends on the health landscape to get ahead.

Initially, Universal and Vin Diesel planned to release Fast and Furious ten a year earlier, in 2022. However, the emergence of COVID-19, which led to the delay of Fast and Furious 9, led to a domino effect on its release schedule. Thus, the tenth film, along with many other projects, was screened at later dates.

As you surely know, the franchise’s main story will end with the eleventh feature film. If all goes according to plan, Fast and Furious 11 will hit theaters sometime in 2024. Why only a year apart from Fast and Furious 10? As Vin Diesel announced to ComicBook last June, they will record the last two films simultaneously. This strategy will reduce the distance between the two and obtain the reflectors in consecutive years.

Of course, you’re mistaken if you think that Fast and Furious will say goodbye forever after concluding the Toretto narrative. Vin Diesel already has plans for other spin-offs beyond Hobbs & Shaw. One that is already 100% confirmed will star Cipher, the character played by Charlize Theron. However, its script is barely underway and has no release date yet.