Outright Games announces that today the thrilling driving and action game Fast & Furious: Spy Racers – The Return of SH1FT3R is ready to show its true power on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X , unleashing improved graphics, higher resolutions and a higher frame rate.


This version also includes a free upgrade for current owners of the game on previous generation consoles, so no one will be left behind in this fast-paced and fun worldwide driving experience that sees players competing in tracks that are as fascinating as they are challenging. behind the wheel of the best cars.

Inspired by the hit animated series from Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation , Fast & Furious: Undercover Drivers , Fast & Furious: Spy Racers The return of the SH1FT3R sees the return of the infamous SH1FT3R criminal organization , which intends to wreak havoc to seize power . It will be up to the Undercover Drivers to stop her by participating in an exciting round-the-world racing tournament, from Los Angeles to the Sahara Desert!

Players can choose any of their favorite Undercover Drivers characters, including SH1FT3R members, and take advantage of their specific driving skills and equipment. They will then have to use various spy gadgets to find, unlock and master the various tracks, as well as locate some shortcuts, so as to win races and save the world. Fans of the animated series will also be able to customize and modify their cars with a wide range of colorful skins. And while they’re busy stopping SH1FT3R members in story mode, they’ll be able to challenge themselves in split-screen multiplayer mode with up to six other players.
But that’s not all: next month, Outright Games will also launch a new DLC, which will add new tracks, vehicles, characters and equipment. Find all the info on the game (also for other consoles and for PC) on the official website .