The most adrenaline-pumping saga in cinema is back in theaters, ready to take fans from all over the world back to the streets.


Over the years Fast and Furious has literally transformed, from a simple film dedicated to the world of clandestine racing to something more elaborate, but without forgetting its heart born on the asphalt. Fast X kicks off the final phase of this long cycle of films, and it is recent news that the saga will end with the twelfth chapter . Will Dominic Toretto
be able to keep his family away from numerous and dangerous threats? We got to see Fast X in preview, in the original language.Our review is completely spoiler-free , so you can immerse yourself in reading without any danger!

Fast X sees the return of the Reyes family, already the antagonist of the fifth chapter. Dante Reye s, played by a very credible Jason Momoa , embodies a mad and unpredictable evil, with one great purpose: to destroy Dominic Toretto . To do so, no limits will be set, involving not only Dom’s family, but also many innocent people.
Vin Diesel brings the protagonist of the saga back to the screen, a role that now appears totally tailor-made for the actor. The cast consists of many big names, such as Charlize Theron, Hellen Mirren, John Cena and Brie Larson . There is no shortage of now historic interpreters for the world of Fast and Furious , includingTyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez and Jason Statham .

Suspense at the highest levels for Dom Toretto’s return to the wheel!

This exciting new sequel takes the viewer around the world: Rome, London, Rio de Janeiro. The sequence in Rome is a perfect marriage between the classic action scenes of the world of Fast and Furious , with situations bordering on the impossible, and typical features of a true disaster movie.
The style chosen by director Louis Leterrier , in his first attempt with the franchise, is ideal for winning over fans of the saga, with a fast pace that shows no signs of slowing down even after the final climax. We will find Leterrier behind the camera also in the sequel, scheduled for 2025.

A good plus point is the soundtrack, with tracks in full Fast and Furious style , very scrupulously positioned to enhance certain sequences. A functional choice to involve the viewer even more. Among the selected tracks, songs from the country in which each specific scene is set stand out. The Italian public will notice several surprises.
The CGI is of an excellent standard, as one would expect from a production of this type. Fast X has the important task of bringing to the screen a new standard for this genre of cinematic productions.

Overall Fast X is a film that works, even if it is not without its imperfections. Despite the presence of a large cast, Toretto’s character is very dominant, and the chorality, one of the strengths of the previous chapters, is lost sight of. This aspect is well justified by the very structure of the film, with different scenarios that alternate in composing the story.

Is Fast X a movie to watch? The new Fast and Furious chapter meets expectations, fully confirming itself as one of the titles not to be missed this spring. Undoubtedly worth watching in theaters: the big screen is truly ideal for those who want to try an immersive and breathtaking experience.
Those who have loved the saga in these twenty years will not leave the room disappointed: on the contrary, they will want even more, waiting for the sequel which is currently expected in 2025. Dominic Toretto’s adventures are not over yet!

Fast X is in Italian cinemas from May 18th