Faster than TikTok: ChatGPT is on track to surpass 100 million monthly active users

ChatGPT , the OpenAI chatbot , would reach 100 million monthly active users in just two months, surpassing the times of Instagram and TikTok .


ChatGPT  never ceases to amaze the technology industry and the general public. OpenAI ‘s artificial intelligence – based chatbotsuccess for the company and this is reflected in its presence becoming more and more notable in various areas. Now, the platform is on track to reach 100 million monthly active users just two months after its launch in November 2022.

As indicated by the data collected by the Swiss firm UBS (via Markets Insider ), ChatGPT would become the digital platform that has reached this milestone in less time. In comparison, Instagram took about 30 months to reach this figure while TikTok , considered the social network of the moment, took about 9 months to overcome this barrier.

The immense popularity of ChatGPT

According to what the UBS analysts mention in their report published on February 1, “the data suggests that [ ChatGPT ] will exceed 100 million monthly active users in January, a massive achievement in such a short period of time . ” Furthermore, they added that “in 20 years following the Internet space, we cannot recall faster growth in a consumer Internet application” .

The research also highlights that the total potential market that ChatGPT operates in could reach a value of $1 trillion, a figure that analysts have heard from VCs that, while highly optimistic, is not entirely far-fetched. “This may seem like a wild bullish scenario and prices could fall, but our bottom line is that the market has the potential to be excessively large ,” the analysts say.

ChatGPT Has Sped Up Tech Industries

Due to the success of ChatGPT , the rest of the technology companies have started to move to be able to take part in this growing market of chatbots based on artificial intelligence. For its part, Microsoft increased its investment in OpenAI , the developer of this platform, to an additional 10 billion dollars last January.

In addition, hundreds of analysts agree that ChatGPT has become a real threat to the Google empire due to how popular it is for making queries when a more natural or human response is required. UBS analysts – including Lloyd Walmsley, Karl Kierstead and Timothy Acuri – believe the app’s success has put Google in a bind.

” Google is at a dead end where it either (1) fails to impress, raising questions about its competitive position, or (2) overcommits, raising concerns about (i) the risk of monetization and (ii) the erosion of margins” , mentioned these experts.

The analyst group also wrote that “ Google Trends data shows that Google searches for the terms ‘chatgpt’ and ‘chat gpt’ are nearing peak volumes since the site launched in November 2022, and that interest by searches hit the highest level ever just a few days ago . ”