Ferida | Netflix releases drama trailer that marks Halle Berry’s directorial debut

The Netflix released the trailer for “wound” , starring film by Halle Berry as a MMA fighter, which also marks the debut of the actress in the office of direction. Watch above (subtitled).

The synopsis describes: Jackie Justice (Berry) is an MMA fighter who left the sport in disrepute. With no luck in her life, she spends years building up anger and regret, until she is convinced to join a clandestine fight scheme by manager and boyfriend Desi (Adan Canto), where she catches the attention of a fight promoter (Shamier Anderson) who promises take her back to the octagon. But the road to redemption intensifies when Manny (Danny Boyd, Jr.), the son Jackie abandoned, reappears.

The cast also includes Adriane Lenox, Sheila Atim, Valentina Shevchenko and Stephen McKinley Henderson. Berry directs with a screenplay by Michelle Rosenfarb.

“Hurt” premieres Nov. 24 on Netflix.