Fight Club is back in China as before. If you don’t know what we are talking about a nutshell.


The streaming service Tencent Video, which like everything in China must comply with the strict rules of state censorship, releasedDavid Fincherfor the first time since its release 23 years ago. In China it was only released on the festival circuit without ever having a wide circulation. And the reason is obvious: Chinese censorship wants films to end with the punishment of criminals, while Fight Clubobviously it ends with their triumph. So, in order to be able to distribute it, Tencent modified the ending with one in which, through a caption, it was discovered that the Mayhem Project had been stopped in time and Tyler Durden interned in an institution.

But now Tencent has backtracked after the strong backlash sparked by censorship on the net. In China it is very rare to go back from a censorship, but between the reaction of the public and the intervention of Human Rights Watch, which called the cuts “dystopian”, Tencent decided to give in. The turnaround has also sparked criticism, from users who have pointed out that the decision denotes an admission by the platform that it has exaggerated. Another wondered, “If the original version could be released, why did Tencent change it without permission?”

All right for Chuck Palahniuk

The only one not to complain, ironically, was the same author of the novel from which Fight Club is based, Chuck Palahniuk , who pointed out that the “new” ending was almost more in line with that of his novel. Speaking with TMZ, the author said:

The irony is that the way the Chinese changed it aligned the ending almost exactly to that of the book, as opposed to Fincher’s ending, which was the more visually spectacular ending.

And he added:

I find it interesting that my books are often banned in different territories of the United States. The Texas prison system refuses to keep them in their libraries. A lot of public schools and most private schools refuse to keep my books. But is it only a problem when China changes the film’s ending? I have had to deal with banning my books for a long time.