Filtration predicts the end of the iPhone mini this 2022

It seems that Apple will maintain the custom of launching four  iPhone models , but one will be different from other years.


Apple usually shows off its new iPhone models in September, but leaks are already giving us more details about the

tentative iPhone 14 .Leaked photos on Weibo show molds allegedly used by third parties to produce cell phone cases for upcoming iPhones .

Goodbye to the iPhone mini?

The rumors that the iPhone mini will no longer be part of the next generation of iPhone this 2022 seem to be confirmed.

Apple would choose to keep up with four models, but offering a large-screen iPhone 14 .

These would be the models:

  • iPhone 14 with 6.1” screen.
  • iPhone 14 Pro with 6.1” screen.
  • iPhone 14 with 6.7” screen.
  • iPhone 14 Pro with 6.7” screen.

Thus, it would be possible to buy an iPhone with a 6.7” screen without the need to purchase an iPhone Pro Max , as has happened until now.

Larger cameras on the iPhone 14

The molds show slightly larger camera modules compared to previous editions.

Apple would be preparing improvements in the sensors of its flagship phones, something that we will only be able to confirm in the second half of the year with the official launch of the iPhone 14.