Finally an iPhone without “notch”? This would be the result

The hole-in-the-display technology has been around for years, but Apple is still betting on the notch to house Face ID sensors .


In 2017, Apple made one of its most significant changes by adopting the “notch” or notch on its iPhone X.

The “notch” is still present in its new phones such as the iPhone 13 due to its importance to house the Face ID sensors .

Will this be the iPhone 14 Pro?

The clues and concepts about the possible design of the future iPhone 14 Pro already appear and the “notch” could finally be ruled out, although the aesthetic result would not be the best.

Konstantin Konovalov shared on Twitter designs of the possible iPhone 14 Pro based on CAD files.

Apple could opt for a hole-in-the-screen camera, but also fit another hole to house Face ID sensors , the design shows.

What if. It is March 2022 and we already talked about what is expected from the iPhone 14 . To know the final model we will still have to wait until, as usual, September.

iPhone without “notch”, but with an old design

Apple recently launched a new iPhone SE for those who don’t want the “notch”, but do want another design from 2017.

The cell phone retains the 4.7” screen, but offers a top-of-the-line processor with the A15 Bionic, the same one found in the iPhone 13 and 5G connectivity .