Finally: WhatsApp adds group surveys and expands its video calls to 32 people

WhatsApp is making official its functions that it was already testing in the beta versions of the service.


After months of testing in beta versions, WhatsApp has announced the arrival of new features such as group polls to the service.

Through a blog post, the company has also made official the global arrival of Communities, in addition to expanding the capacity of groups for members and video calls.

group surveys

One of the functions most requested by users was the surveys.

With this new update, users will be able to create questions with options to vote in group chats and see the number of people who vote for each of the alternatives.

WhatsApp will allow you to write the question in the upper text field and add all the possible answers in the lower boxes. The order of these questions can be changed by pressing and holding on the three horizontal lines of each field.

It will be allowed to put up to 11 options and, after the voting time, the percentages will be public.

More tools are coming to the world

In Peru we already had Communities, but now the function is expanding to the rest of the world.

This tool tries to gather groups under the same concept, the same community. The idea is to simplify your search, as well as allow administrators to send global messages if they have more than one.

Likewise, WhatsApp is expanding the capacity of video calls to 32 participants, in a clear attempt to compete against alternatives such as Google Meet. Groups are also expanded to 1024 users from 512.