Today, Naughty Dog celebrated The Last of Us Day 2021 , the date with which they seek to celebrate their acclaimed post-apocalyptic franchise. They previously promised that there would be “ brand new content” , and while the vast majority of this content actually involved new merchandise, we also had another surprise that fans of the series are sure to love.

And is that through his Twitter account , Naughty Dog gave us our first look at the series The Last of Us by HBO , and then you can see the image in question:

The teaser shows us Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsey (Ellie) from behind, but from the little that is seen, everything seems to indicate that this adaptation will be faithful to the video game. Remember that the series will adapt the first title, but its authors promise that there will be new scenes and content that was not seen in the Naughty Dog work. Similarly, rather than describing it as an adaptation, its producers mention that it could actually be considered as an “extension” to the game.

We still don’t have a release date for The Last of Us series , but the idea of ​​having it by the end of 2022 doesn’t sound like such a far-fetched thing.