First trailer for Belfast, a film with Jamie Dornan and Judi Dench, directed by Kenneth Branagh

The film Kenneth Branagh, Belfast, tells a boy from a working-class family named Buddy, played by newcomer Jude Hill, and her turbulent childhood living in Ireland of the North during the late 1960s. The trailer, predominantly black and white, opens with a voiceover of Dench’s character, who is Buddy’s grandmother.

” We all have a story to tell, ” he says. ” But what makes each one dif event is not how this story ends, but where it begins.

” The two-minute clip shows Buddy performing in the streets of Belfast and his parents ( Balfe and Dornan ) expressing their love for each other and music against the backdrop of the looming civil war in their native country.

. Belfast premiered at the Telluride Film Festival on Thursday and will have another screening at the Toronto Film Festival. The film will open in theaters on November 12.

Belfast- born Branagh wrote and directed the film, which he has described as his most personal yet. He is known for his acting and running in previous films such as Henry V, Much Ado About Nothing, Thor, Cinderella, Murder on the Orient Express, and the crime series Wallander. Check out the trailer below.