Flying in a helium balloon into space, an idea of ​​$ 50,000 per ticket

The space tourism industry is the World View the time and wants to surprise with its “innovative” proposal.

Traveling into space via a balloon will soon be possible with World View Enterprises.

The company hopes to launch its balloon trips to the stratosphere starting in 2024, sending space tourists 100 kilometers above sea level, above Virgin Galactic, and at the same elevation as Blue Origin.

World View also wants to charge $ 50,000 for the 4-6 hour trip, a much lower price than its competition: Virgin Galactic will charge $ 450,000 a ticket, and Blue Origin exceeds 28 million.

In helium balloons

During the tour, eight passengers will be able to enjoy the privileged views at such a height, in addition to having drinks, eating, and even going to the bathroom.

For now, the company will start its flights from the Grand Canyon in the United States. Still, it will seek to internationalize with departures from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Serengeti in Kenya, the Amazon in Brazil, the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Aurora Borealis in Norway, and the Great Wall of China in Mongolia.

The rise of the flight is slow, not like a conventional rocket. The descent will also be dead.

The idea is similar to Space Perspective, which maintains an identical spacecraft, albeit at a higher price: $ 125,000.