Foldable iPhone: Why it’s unlikely to arrive (soon)?

Some youtubers recently achieved a ” foldable iPhone “, but not Apple. There are several reasons why you still do not bet on this type of phone.

Foldable phones represent one of the biggest changes in smartphone design in recent years.

Samsung has been the company that has bet the most on this type of cell phone, launching at least two models per year in its Galaxy Z line.

Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, Oppo and Vivo have also opted for this concept. Why is it only limited to Android ?

Why doesn’t Apple do it ? What’s more, some youtubers have already achieved a ” foldable iPhone “.

Apple doesn’t innovate as much anymore

Apple ‘s days as an innovator, particularly when it comes to hardware, are long gone.

With Tim Cook at the helm, Apple prioritizes the stability of designs, production lines and its proprietary technologies. Let’s remember, the Lightning connector is still with us on the iPhone despite the fact that all the rest of the Apple ecosystem and the rest of the brands have already adopted USB-C .

For now, Apple seems to be hoping for a next-generation flexible glass. For this, he has paid Corning hundreds of millions of dollars to proceed with his investigations.

At the same time, Apple would have to search for the “perfect hinge” and a custom rearrangement of internal components.

Apple could experiment first on the iPad

From Samsung it is expected that Apple will take its first steps in folding devices in the design of an iPad, but still in 2024.

We know this thanks to a report from the specialized media The Elec .