Follow the James Webb telescope on its journey through space with this website

The most powerful telescope in history was launched by NASA after multiple delays.


After years of waiting (even speaking of decades), the James Webb Space Telescope  was launched this past weekend to begin its important scientific mission: to search for evidence of life in the distant universe.

Its role for the scientific community is vital and many of the astronomy fans are enthusiastic about its operations , so a website has been created to be able to know for sure where in space the device is.

The strongest in space

Where is Webb? is the page where we can see James Webb’s journey towards his first destination: Lagrange L2, 1.5 million kilometers from the earth.

It offers live updates on a variety of data, from your current distance from the ground and cruising speed to the percentage of your trip that the ship has completed so far.

You can also learn about the current step of its implementation and study each stage of its mission as it approaches its orbit.

Two days after its launch from the United States, the space telescope is 28% of its way (at the time of this writing).

The space telescope aims to look back in time, discover more about the formation of stars and galaxies, and determine how the first galaxies formed.

It has the potential to make advances in astronomy, mapping dark matter around galaxies in an attempt to uncover the secrets of the mysterious substance.

James Webb uses something called the Middle Infrared Instrument (MIRI), which can see faint light from more distant stars and can see through dust and gas to detect star birth.

It also has a spectrograph to divide light into its constituent wavelengths, a camera and a coronagraph to block starlight and look at fainter objects alongside the stars.