Ford highlights its commitment to electric cars by mocking Elon Musk

Ford referred to “those who want to destroy and then fly away in their own spaceship when the going gets tough.”


The race for the electric car market heats up with traditional companies looking to conquer a terrain where Tesla has managed to consolidate.

Ford is one of them. Although the American brand has a lot to prove when it comes to its commitment to electric cars, it has not been afraid to send a fairly obvious hint to Elon Musk , head of Tesla .

Straight to Elon Musk

“Now it seems that the people who matter are the loudest. Those who want to destroy and then fly in their own spaceship when the going gets tough,” reads the start of a new Ford commercial.

The images that accompany these phrases are of a hand on the cell phone and a rocket being launched, practically focusing on Musk ‘s two fascinations : Twitter and space with his company SpaceX .

“We have 182,000 people and we are building,” announces Ford , denoting that the giants are increasingly targeting electric cars.

What will Elon Musk answer ? The answer will probably be on Twitter soon .