Former Apple Employees Raise $100 Million: What Do You Plan With Your Startup?

Humane , the startup of Apple ‘s former design and engineering team , has seen successful seed funding of up to $100 million. His plans go with artificial intelligence.


Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, a former Apple design and engineering team , this week raised $100 million in seed funding for their startup Humane .

This company, founded in 2018, has a somewhat complex future objective, but with a lot of potential: to be an integrated platform of devices and cloud services for artificial intelligence.

humane to future

The Series C funding round includes money from Microsoft, OpenAI, Volvo and LG, bringing the money injected into Humane by $230 million.

But what do they plan to do with this money? A unique platform based on artificial intelligence.

“Our first device will allow people to take AI everywhere. It is an exciting time and we have been focused on how to build the platform and device that can fully harness the true power and potential of this technology,” Chaudhri said in a statement.

This first kit, according to documents leaked during 2022, is described as a portable device equipped with a camera that “captures moments you didn’t plan to capture or moments you want to remember.”

“You can mark them and those moments will be processed on the server so you can remember them in different styles, either as images or videos,” he says. The software will be able to edit the clips in styles such as cinema, documentaries or lifestyles.

Other benefits of this as-yet-unnamed device include live streaming, senior monitoring, and memory retrieval.

projection into the future 

Humane is currently working on patents and job listings at the company.

A 9to5Google report points out that a patent describes a portable device with a laser projection system instead of a traditional screen and that is capable of projecting an interactive screen anywhere.

As part of the funding announcement, Humane says it is partnering with Microsoft to take advantage of its cloud infrastructure and will embed OpenAI technology into its device. Collaboration with LG and Volvo is also mentioned to explore how Humane ‘s technology could be used in home technology and automotive products in the future.