Former NASA engineer launched an egg from ‘space’ and it didn’t break

Mark Rober, a former NASA worker , released the egg for scientific purposes: everything is recorded on video.


Former NASA engineer Mark Rober launched an egg from space to try to prove something: it can survive.

All this “ordeal”, as he himself describes it, was recorded on video and shows us how science can intervene even in such unique situations.

great job behind

This test has been planned for 3 years, with big changes to the system that would push the egg to the edge of our atmosphere.

The egg was attached to a rocket which, in turn, was attached to a weather balloon heading into space.

However, the experiment did not reach that amount: it only went up to 30 kilometers high, when the Karman line is 100.

Rober worked with a rocket construction expert from the Curiosity mission to also create a mattress that could catch the egg upon landing. They added a heating system to the rocket so that the egg does not freeze in space.

Plot Twist: did not break

The video ends with an image that no one would expect: the egg withstood the fall without breaking. The images already have 20 million views.

The former engineer already holds two Guinness World Records: one for the tallest fountain of elephant toothpaste and the other for the most dominoes placed and knocked over in an hour.

“Next year we’re doing this on Mars,” Rober wrote in the video’s caption.