Former Russian space chief refuses to believe NASA landed the moon in 1969

For the always controversial Dmitry Rogozin , it is not clear how the United States “at that level of technological development of the 60s of the last century, did what it still cannot do now.”


The former director of the Russian space agency, Dmitry Rogozin , has questioned the moon landing carried out in 1969 by NASA astronauts in the middle of the world’s first space race.

The sacked Roscosmos chief points out that he “has no evidence” that the United States “does in the 1960s what it can’t do now.

In his mind

Rogozin now turns to Telegram to cast doubt on the fact that NASA put a dozen astronauts on the moon more than half a century ago.

According to his publication, Rogozin asked Roscosmos during his tenure to provide him with “documentary evidence of the stay of the Americans on the Moon.”

“It was not clear to me how the United States, at that level of technological development in the 1960s, did what it still cannot do now,” he says.

However, he was able to have first-hand information. The Russian spacecraft Luna 15 was in orbit around the Moon when Apollo 11 arrived and when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin descended to the surface . There were even some side discussions between NASA and the Soviet space program to ensure that the two spacecraft would not interfere with communications between the planet and the satellite.

repetitive behavior

Rogozin’s comments are characteristically evocative and cheeky, proving denialist conspiracy theories surrounding the NASA Apollo moon landings that persist to this day.

Rogozin has made many enemies over the years. Last year, he threatened to crash the International Space Station in the United States.

He has also clashed with SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on several occasions.

“If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice to meet you,” Musk tweeted last year after Rogozin told him he would be responsible for providing Starlink internet terminals to Ukrainian forces.