The Frasier revival was officially ordered by Paramount +.


 Kelsey Grammer will reprise the role of Frasier Crane and will also serve as executive producer. The series will see the protagonist move to a new city, where he will meet a new cast of characters. The classic Frasier cast members are not expected to return in regular roles, but they may appear as guest stars.

This is the same formula used when the original Cheers spin-off series was launched in 1993: again, Frasier changed cities (from Boston to Seattle), the cast was completely renewed, and Cheers stars appeared in sporadic roles.

The new series was developed by Chris Harris ( How I Met Your Mother ) and Joe Cristalli ( Life In Pieces ), who will executive produce alongside Grammer, Tom Russo and Jordan McMahon . Produced by CBS Studios in association with Grammnet NH Productions, the series is expected to consist of ten episodes.

Frasier aired from 1993 to 2004 on NBC, over the course of eleven seasons. The series was created by David Angell, Peter Casey and David Lee and also stars David Hyde Pierce, Jane Leeves, Peri Gilpin and John Mahoney . Over the course of its airing, Frasier won thirty-seven Emmy Awards, a record for the time, including five consecutive Emmys for Best Comedy Series.