Free tools to create vectors and vector drawing

Vectors and vector drawing are ideal for creating scalable illustrations without loss of quality. And with these editors, you can make them in seconds.

Adobe defines vector drawing as one that “is created from  vector graphics, which are images created with  mathematical formulas .” Others describe it as a digital drawing technique to create geometric shapes and figures from vectors. These vectors have been programmed with coordinates.

In practice, these are illustrations and drawings with several advantages over an ordinary painting or a photograph. The main one is that they can be scaled without losing quality. That is, you can enlarge a vector drawing without limits, unlike a picture, in which if you zoom in, you will lose quality until it looks pixelated or blurred.

Vector drawing is used in design to create all kinds of materials, from icons and graphic elements of a website to illustrations, posters, digital or paper publications,  packaging, and a long etcetera.

The most popular to create a vector drawing

I started this article with a definition from Adobe. Precisely, Adobe has one of the most popular vector drawing tools with vectors on the market. Adobe Illustrator is its name, and together with  Adobe Photoshop, it is one of its most popular graphic editing solutions. However, it has been losing ground in favor of other proposals.

The leading free and free alternative is  Inkscape, a veteran app full of drawing tools and compatible with most formats. Its purpose is to help you in drawing and editing vector graphics tasks. And you can use it on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The sketch is the online alternative for working with vector drawing. Such is its popularity that we can find free or paid resources to deal with vectors adapted to the format of this web tool.

Other popular vector drawing tools are  Affinity Designer and the veteran  Corel Draw. Both are paid and are focused on the professional sector.

And if you are looking for desktop software or online apps to deal with vectors and vector drawing, here are several examples for all tastes. Nothing to envy the previous proposals in terms of essential functions.


Available to use from the browser and with an extension for Google Chrome and derivatives,  YouiDraw is a web app working with vectors. Its advantages include graphic and light effects, tools to combine shapes, predesigned shapes, SVG file editor,  saved in the cloud, etc.

With YouiDraw, you can make illustrations, icons, infographics, and any graphic creation from vectors. In addition, you can use examples and templates that will save you time if you design an illustration or visual piece.


Another good online option is  Gravit, which has a free version and a paid version. According to your needs for work in the cloud. In addition, it has an offline mode for when you do not have a connection.

This vector or vector drawing tool is intended for both home and professional users. It is easy to use; it has everything at hand; it includes professional templates, predesigned resources to decorate your work (shapes, icons, stickers, frames .).


Leaving the online,  Krita is a desktop app for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It’s free and open-source, like Inkscape. And you can use it both for vector drawing and concept art, painting, illustrations, and comics.

Its appearance will remind you of Adobe Photoshop, a standard in the market. But it is adapted to vector drawing and illustration. Layers, brushes, textures, colors, resources to add to your picture. It also supports PSD, the Photoshop format. And for learning, Krita has her tutorials and help material.