Gadgets: How to clean AirPOds, Galaxy Buds and other TWS?

Gadgets : Like any accessory, certain care must be taken for the optimal performance and duration of these headphones .


Cleaning your devices or gadgets is important, for this reason, in this note we hope to help you with some recommendations on how to clean your headphones in a simple and careful way.

It should be noted that the current presentations are in-ear, which means inside the ear, whether or not it has a protective pad, as is usual in its constant use, wax particles are stored, which causes failures in the device, for that reason its cleaning is essential. fundamental.

Types of in-ear headphones

It should be noted that there are 2 versions with a pad and without it, to have a little more clarity on the subject we give you the following examples:

  • Google Pixel Bud and Airpods Pro, have a rubber pad.
  • OnePlus Buds and Airpods , it does not have a pad.

Taking these data into account, we can proceed with its maintenance.

Step guide for a complete cleaning

  • If they have a pad, the first step is to remove it and clean it, we can wash it with distilled water and neutral soap. It is very important to dry it well before putting it in place.
  • We will use a soft, lint-free, plush cloth to gently clean the outside of the headphones. You can moisten it with isopropyl alcohol and let it dry before using it. It is very careful that the cloth does not release lint, as it could enter through the mesh that protects the internal coil of the earphone.
  • Then with a soft bristle brush, begin to remove through the metal mesh that protects the inside of the headphones, gently removing the remains of earwax and dirt from our headphones.
  • We can often use a cotton swab previously moistened with isopropyl alcohol, to remove the remains that may have remained from the previous cleaning.
  • With a cloth, gently dry our headphones so as not to damage them.
  • It is recommended to have a pack of silica gel, to keep the headphones dry in humid climates or areas.

Important fact: do not forget to clean the charging case because it also stores dirt. In order to keep them clean, you can use a cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol, so we do not damage the charging ports.