The Flash promises to be full of surprises and special appearances, to the point that may be we will review even the General Zod from Michael Shannon


For some time, however, there has also been talk of Gal Gadot , and the actress may have inadvertently confirmed his presence in the film.

In a video celebrating 2021, Gadot posted a July photo in which we can see her wearing makeup, and around her is a man with a lanyard from The Flash production .

The August photo, on the other hand, shows her with the Wonder Woman tiara and hairstyle , so it’s unmistakable. Sure, Shazam too! Fury of the Gods was in production at the same time (and apparently the actress will be making a cameo there as well), but the lanyard from the previous shot is pretty clear. It’s possible that Wonder Woman appears in both cinecomics, as far as we know.

I remind you that, on the occasion of the last DC FanDome , we saw a rather intriguing teaser , with Barry Allen ( Ezra Miller ), his Döppelganger, the new Supergirl ( Sasha Calle ) and a hint of Michael Keaton’s Batman . The latter is also the narrator.

The US release is expected on November 4, 2022 . You will find the video below.

Gal Gadot’s video


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The Flash is inspired by Flashpoint . In the comics,Barry Allengoes back in time to prevent the murder of his motherNora, and upsets the timeline of theDCuniverse, finding himself in a very different present: in thistimeline, he never became theFlashand the Earth lives. a profound situation of crisis, also because many superheroes are no longer superheroes; Wonder Womanand the Amazons, for example, conquered the United Kingdom, whileAquamandevastated Western Europe with a tsunami to annex it to his domain. Batmanexists, but behind his mask there isThomas Wayne , not his son Bruce , was killed in the infamous robbery. However, let us not expect a faithful transposition.

Direction and cast

The screenplay is the work of Christina Hodson ( Bumblebee , Birds of Prey ), while the direction is by Andrés Muschietti ( La Madre, IT ). The cast includes Ezra Miller ( Barry Allen / Flash ), Kiersey Clemons ( Iris West , old romantic interest of Barry ), Maribel Verdú ( Nora Allen , mother of Barry ), Michael Keaton (the Batman of Tim Burton ), Ben Affleck (the Batman ‘sZack Snyder ), Sasha Calle ( Supergirl ), Ron Livingston ( Henry Allen ), Saoirse-Monica Jackson , Rudy Mancuso and Ian Loh ( child Barry ).

A troubled project

Seth Grahame-Smith , Rick Famuyiwa and the couple made up of Jonathan M. Goldstein and John Francis Daley took turns directing , before arriving at Muschietti .

Flash in the cinema

Meanwhile, Ezra Miller played the Scarlet Sprinter in Justice League . Barry Allen’s film debut, however, took place in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , where he appeared in a double cameo.