It was recently announced that among HBO’s plans regarding the future of Game of Thrones is a sequel series centered around Jon Snow , the iconic character played by Kit Harington . 


The project is currently in the early stages of development, so it hasn’t received final approval yet, but some details have been revealed in the last few hours.

The first updates come from Emilia Clarke , the face of Daenerys Targaryen in the original series. The actress, who in any case thinks she has now closed with the Game of Thrones universe , confirmed that the project was born from an idea of ​​Kit Harington himself .

I know this project, he told me about it. As far as I know, the series was created by Kit himself, he’s been involved from the start. If it’s done, and I seriously hope so, everything you see on screen will be Kit’s work.

Then came the turn of George RR Martin , who with a post published on his official blog confirmed the statements of the actress, also revealing that the working title is Snow .

Yes, Kit Harington brought us the idea. I can’t reveal the names of the writers and showrunners, because I don’t have permission to talk about them, but it was always Kit who got them involved. It’s his team and they’re great.

The author has confirmed that he is involved in the project, as he is for The Hedge Knight, The Sea Snake and Ten Thousand Ship and the other animated series. However, he also added that at the moment there is no certainty about the realization of the series, these projects are all in the initial stages but may not get the so-called “green light”.

The end of Jon Snow

In the series finale we saw Jon Snow forced into exile after Daenerys’ murder. Accused of treason, the character managed to avoid a death sentence but was forced to leave the kingdom’s lands to rejoin the Night’s Watch. Back at Castle Black, he was greeted by Tormund, Ghost and the Free People, and with them he crossed the gates of the Wall to reach the true North. The project, therefore, will continue this story.