Today the Japanese series Gannibal , the live action adaptation of the homonymous manga by Masaaki Ninomiya.

It published in Italy by the publishing house 001 Edizioni/Hikari , makes its worldwide debut on Disney+ .

Consisting of seven episodes, this psychological thriller follows police officer Daigo Agawa who moves to a mountain village. After the strange death of an old woman, he becomes aware of the abnormality of the village.

Director Shinzô Katayama confessed that he wondered if this story could be suitable for the platform:

“When I saw the cover of the comic, it was so scary that I wondered if it would be okay for Disney to produce it. I wondered if Disney could make it happen. When I read it, human drama was highlighted and portrayed. I thought we could make it a good drama.”

The synopsis:

After causing a serious accident, the policeman Daigo Agawa moves with his wife Yuki and daughter Mashiro to Kuge, a remote village in the mountains. It seems like the perfect place to find peace in the family, despite the fact that the agent previously stationed there has disappeared mysteriously. The village lives off the forest, and most of the residents make their living from cypress wood. The Goto family runs the entire operation and owns most of the village. One day the body of an old lady is found on the mountain. The Goto family claims she was attacked by a bear, but Daigo notices a human bite mark. He soon begins to suspect that all is not as it seems in the village.


The commercial dedicated to the character of Daigo Agawa:


Cast: Yuuya Yagira (Daigo Agawa), Sho Kasamatsu (Keisuke Goto), Riho Yoshioka (Yuki Agawa), Mahiro Takasugi (Kyosuke Terayama), Mitsuko Baisho (Gin Goto), Seiji Rokkaku (Kiyoshi Goto), Rairu Sugita ( Yosuke Goto), Mitsuo Yoshihara (Iwao), Yutaro Nakamura (Ryuji), Yoshi Sako (Mutsuo Goto), Baijaku Nakamura , Kana Kita (Sumire Kano) and Kokone Shimizu (Mashiro Agawa).

The manga

In Italy the 13-volume work, serialized in the Manga Goraku magazine , is being published. The seventh volume was released at the end of November.

A winter under the sign of the thriller with Gannibal by Masaaki Ninomiya, a seinen set in Kuge, a small village in the Japanese hinterland, where Daigo Agawa, the new local policeman, has moved with his family, and who will soon discover that the inhabitants still practice cannibalism!

In December, a special chapter was published in Manga Goraku magazine in issue 12/30 (2022) to promote the live action adaptation