Jon Spaihts ( Dune, Prometheus, Doctor Strange ) has been commissioned by Netflix to writeGears of War , the film based on the famous video game saga.


The film will be co-produced by The Coalition, which developed the video games. Netflix has also an animated series in the pipeline and may launch other projects in the future.

Hollywood has been attempting to adapt Gears of War to film for years. Universal Pictures had a project in the works in 2016, but New Line had also tried it before. Netflix finally got the rights to the franchise last fall .

Jon Spaihts earned an Academy Award nomination for his screenplay for Dune , and co-wrote Dune: Part Two with Denis Villeneuve , arriving in November.

Gears of War

The first installment of the series was released in 2006, renewing the third-person shooter genre and launching the first generation of high-definition games. Here is the official synopsis for the title:

The planet Sera is now in the throes of devastation. The Locust Horde has emerged, and it seems unstoppable. The Coalition of United Governments (COG) is desperately looking for men to draft. Now there are only sick people and prisoners. And it will be a prisoner and ex-war hero, Marcus Fenix, who will have the task of saving humanity. To comfort him there is only one thought: the human race is not extinct. Not yet.