Gen V , the spin-off of The Boys , does not yet have a release date, but there is already talk of a possible second season.


In fact, Deadline reports that Amazon Prime Video is satisfied with the series, and that the writers room will begin working on the continuation of the show very soon. Leading the authors will be Michele Fazekas , executive producer and co-showrunner of the spin-off along with Tara Butters (they are the same as Agent Carter ). However, it seems that she intends to take time off to focus on the family, so Fazekas will be the sole showrunner of the eventual season 2. The split was amicable, and Butters could return to write and produce in the future. The renewal, however, has not yet been decided.

As we know, Gen V takes place in America’s only college for young superheroes, obviously run by Vought International , so the protagonists are a generation raised on bread and Compound V (hence the title). Fazekas and Butters have taken over from Craig Rosenberg as showrunner of the series, which will sometimes cross over with The Boys : in short, the cross-overs will not be lacking.

Obviously Gen V will be released on Prime Video . We will keep you posted.

HBO has unveiled a new commercial for The Last of Us that includes some never-before-seen scenes.

Joel ( Pedro Pascal ) explains to Ellie ( Bella Ramsey ) the three rules she will have to abide by if she wants her to take her along:

«Rule one: we don’t talk about our personal stories. Rule two: You don’t tell anyone about your condition. Rule three: do what I tell you, when I tell you. It’s clear?”

The “condition” to which Joel refers is the fulcrum of the plot itself: Ellie , in fact, is immune to the fungal pandemic that led to the collapse of civilization, transforming much of the earth’s population into “infected”. We recently discovered that the first season will adapt all of the first part, i.e. the first video game of the Naughty Dog saga .

Craig Mazin ( Chernobyl , Borderlands ) created the series for HBO , and has been able to count on Neil Druckmann – author of the game – as co-director and co-writer. This transposition aims to expand the original story, adding some elements that were cut from the video game. The debut in Italy is expected on January 16 on Sky and NOW . The premiere will last a good 85 minutes .

You can see the spot below.

The spot

The setting

This new series will be set in America’s only college for young superheroes, operated by Vought International . The show is described as follows:

An irreverent R-rated series that explores the lives of hormonal and competitive “supers” as they test their physical, sexual and moral limits.

The spin-off will combine the pitfalls of a college-set show with the gritty, competitive nature of The Hunger Games , and the heart, satire, and lewdness of the main series.

The cast

The cast includes Maddie Phillips , Lizze Broadway , Patrick Schwarzenegger , Jaz Sinclair , Chance Perdomo , London Thor , Derek Luh , Shelley Conn , Asa Germann and Clancy Brown .

The authors

Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters serve as showrunners , serving as executive producers with Eric Kripke , Seth Rogen , Evan Goldberg , Neal Moritz , James Weaver and Payun Shetty . The studios involved are Point Gray Pictures , Original Film , Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television .