Last October, Prime Video launched the first TikTok Original Generazione LOL series , a new format with the aim of finding new talents in Italian comedy online.


After the LOL phenomenon : Who laughs outside, Generation LOL saw seven TikTok creators as protagonists who challenged each other with jokes in an attempt to make the other participants smile without ever giving in to the comedy of their opponents, each with their own comic style . Strategy, versatility, precision, patience, heroism and irony will be the keys not only to test the comic skills of the protagonists, but also to find new ways to unleash uproarious laughter.

To observe the hilarious comic competition from the control room, this time in the guise of referee and conductor, Lillo Petrolo , the iconic “Posaman” of the first season of LOL: Chi ride è fuori , flanked by co-host Gabriele Vagnato , star of TikTok with a community of over 3.8 million followers.

All episodes are now available on YouTube.

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LOL Generation Conductors
Pasquale Petrolo, aka Lillo, is the protagonist of over a decade of television, radio and theatrical successes. After the success of the first edition of LOL: Chi Ride è fuori and the return as a lethal weapon in the second edition, Lillo arrives on TikTok to host the first Italian Prime Video series 100% TikTok Generazione LOL .

Gabriele Vagnato [3.8M TikTok followers] TikTok
star and member of the Blue Family. His irreverent comedy and humor have made him one of the most beloved comedy creators on the web. Gabriele in his videos tells the life of a teenager with his tone at times ironic, at times pessimistic but undoubtedly amusing .

The Cast:
Valentina Barbieri [545K TikTok followers]
Valentina Barbieri’s theorem? If there is a VIP character, then there is also an impersonation of her. From Chiara Ferragni to Michelle Hunziker, passing through Ilary Blasi and Giulia De Lellis. Valentina is the digital impersonator who stuns her opponents by dragging them into a lethal conversation between M¥SS KETA, Ornella Vanoni and Sabrina Ferilli.

Daniele Cabras [3M followers on TikTok]
He is the king of “I don’t know you but I know that this happens in your house too”. Every Dany video is a time machine journey that takes us to relive all the most embarrassing moments of our adolescence. Moms playing target shooting with wooden shoes, brothers stealing clothes, dads trying in vain to answer their cell phones. Dany The Gaggio is the most hilarious encyclopedia of all the traumas in our lives.

Chaimaa Cherbal [3.2M TikTok followers]
Known by the name of Miss Cherbal, she is undoubtedly among the revelations of the last year on the platform. Her debut on TikTok dates back to the months of preparation for high school, with the format of the question. After school, she Chaimaa then decided to propose different contents, achieving great success and often securing a place in For You.

Silvia Buratto [708K followers on TikTok]
There are two ways of facing life: always being perfect and dodging gaffes and embarrassing situations like a ninja and then there is Sillysissi_in_the_sky. Silvia is the friend she trips over when she walks, the one who arrives on a first date with parsley in her teeth, the one who if she were invited to a bullfight, she would surely wear red. When you think you’ve made a fool of yourself, just open Silvia’s account to downsize everything, including double meanings, intimate confessions and lots of liberating laughs.

Kiro Ebra [2.3M TikTok followers]
In his videos he plays various roles, such as teacher and friend, but the one that suits him best and makes his followers laugh the most is mom. In most of his videos, in fact, Kiro imitates her mother in various situations, especially when she gossips with her friends. But his contents are by no means monothematic: Kiro proposes parodies of different genres, from American films to commercials.

Ginnasio [190.9K followers on TikTok]
Behind Ginnasio is Mario Terrone, a computer engineering student who is passionate about music. Starting a series of videos that tell the habits of young people on social media in a fun and musical way, he has now developed a brand new way to write songs. A collective project in which his hits are composed together with his community, during live shows on Twitch.

Raffaele Buffoni [390K followers on TikTok]
Raffaele takes inspiration from his everyday life to create short sketches. In his videos he plays various characters, proposing in a comedy key what he experiences every day. Always attentive to TikTok trends, he offers different formats, from POV to storytime, passing through imitations. Histrionic creator with a particular talent for lipsync.