Paul Mescal (Normal People, Aftersun) is in talks for the lead role in Gladiator 2 , the Paramount film directed by Ridley Scott , sequel to Gladiator .

Once the latest draft of the script, signed by David Scarpa , was delivered, the meetings for the casting of the protagonist began to intensify. Mescal was one of the first to meet the director.

Though Scott continued to meet with other actors, insiders tell Deadline that it was clear to all that Mescal was clearly Scott ‘s first choice .

Lucio succeeds Massimo

The protagonist this time will be Lucio, the now adult son of Lucilla ( Connie Nielsen ), given that the story takes place years after the end of the first film.

Lucius was also the nephew of Commodus ( Joaquin Phoenix ), the son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who assassinated his father to take over the throne. Commodus died at the hands of Maximus ( Russell Crowe ) in the Colosseum, before dying and reuniting with his slain wife and son in the afterlife.

Maximus had thus saved Lucio and his mother, leaving a strong impression on the young man.

The cast

Confirmed the returns of costume designer Janty Yates and production designer Arthur Max . Scott is producing the film with Michael Pruss president of Scott Free , and Doug Wick & Lucy Fisher for Red Wagon Entertainment.

The original film was a co-production of Universal and DreamWorks , in which case DreamWorks is not involved.

Filming could begin in May, it is rumored after the potential premiere of Napoleon the historical film starring Phoenix at the Cannes Film Festival