Goodbye cowboy: Samsung is phasing out DDR3 RAM production in the world to boost DDR5

The company is also lowering the price of DDR4 RAM to boost DDR5 production .


Samsung is phasing out the production of DDR3 RAM in the world.

According to the It Home report, Samsung ‘s decision seeks to lower the price of DDR4 and the company can focus on the production of DDR5 modules .

prices fall

According to the media source, DDR4 RAM is expected to drop by up to 15% in the third quarter of the year. Already by July, the value had fallen by 8%.

By the end of the year, TrendForce expects there to be a further drop of 3-8%.

Computers that use DDR3 technology for processors and motherboards are older, while conventional ones (both desktop and laptop) use DDR4 memory .

The switch to DDR5

DDR5 RAM uses GDDR6 chips used in conventional graphics cards. This technology uses hafnium instead of silicon, and the metals replace normal polysilicon gate electrodes. All of that allows for higher chip densities, while reducing current leakage.

For example, Samsung maintains a 512GB DDR5 module with speeds of 7200 Mbps , more than double that of previous generation memories.

The price reduction will also allow the production of DDR5 to be expanded and they can be offered to a larger public.