Goodbye to page numbers: Google will add “infinite scroll” in the search engine

Google is changing search results so that they load continuously on smartphones.

Google announces that it will change the way in which more search results appear on smartphones,  although, for now, this change will only be applied in the United States .

Soon, to load more search results it will only be necessary to scroll to the end, without having to touch buttons to go to a next page . 

The results that are loaded automatically while you swipe at the end will be implemented on the mobile web and will be compatible with the Google application for Android and iOS.

Web redesign

This staggered version will be applied initially in the United States, some users will be able to find more search results while scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Google says that most people find what they are looking for on the first page, but there are users who search for more information through the pages. 

The tech giant may be helpful in giving Google more flexibility in terms of ad placement, more like how ads appear in social media feeds .