Goodbye to passwords: Microsoft implements a new login system

Microsoft accounts will no longer need passwords to sign in. Instead, the Authenticator application, Windows Hello and SMS codes will be used.


The passwords can be a headache for many users, but users of Microsoft may remove that concern. The tech giant has announced that credentials will no longer be required to log into a Microsoft account .

Instead of jotting down passwords everywhere or using a password manager . The company offers a number of alternatives, including the 2FA Microsoft Authenticator app  , Windows Hello, or SMS / email codes. 

This means that you can use Outlook , OneDrive , Microsoft Family Safety, and Xbox Series X / S without the need for a password.

A world without passwords

Once you have installed and linked your account in the Authenticator app , you can disable the password. Enter your Microsoft account and in the Settings section look for Advanced security options and Additional security, from there you can change your account to one without a password.

Then follow the instructions and approve the notification in the Authenticator app to finish the procedure.

You can reactivate your password at any time, but there are more secure methods. Passwords can prove to be annoying, as well as being a field exploited by hackers .