Goodbye to the ‘Core i’: Intel officially changes the nomenclature of its processors

Intel will change the names of its computer chips, classifying them into low and premium ranges.

Intel has confirmed one of the biggest rumors in its processor lines : it removes the letter ‘i’ from their names forever.

Starting with this generation, the company will add the word ‘ Ultra ‘ and remove the number of its generations, a change that you should know thoroughly to confuse yourself the next time you try to build or buy your complete PC .

The new names for Intel processors

In what’s called the biggest brand change in more than 15 years, Intel is changing the names of its current processors.

As of today, the nomenclature is being changed from i3, i5, and i7 to Core 3, Core 5, and Core 7. The intent is to simplify the purchase and marketing of the company’s entry-level processors, which is why it is not it is including the Core 9 instead of the i9.

So? For the highest range of processors , the word Ultra will be used in the nomenclature. We are talking about the Intel Core Ultra 5, the Intel Core Ultra 7 and the Intel Core Ultra 9, which will have the best features on the market from the company. In this case, the Core Ultra 3 is not used.

In short, there are two new nomenclatures:

Intel Core (for basic processors): 3, 5 and 7

Intel Core Ultra (for premium processors): 5, 7 and 9

changes in generations

The i3, i5, i7 or i9 was already an almost standard nomenclature that only changed in terms of its generations (11, 12, 13…).

Now this will change. Now the trend will only provide the new name of the generation. In this case, the 14th generation of Intel should come out , but it will only be called Meteor Lake.

What will be preserved is the numbering of the processor itself (with the format ##xxxH, to indicate, for example, if it comes with an included graphics card or requires a dedicated graphics card).

The change won’t just be in name—they’ll be the first processors to use a 4-nanometer chiplet design and extreme ultraviolet lithography.