Google adds 3D aerial views of the world’s most famous places

Google ‘s immersive 3D view is already coming to Android and iOS and is similar to Apple’s Flyover feature.


Google has released the 3D immersive view for Google Maps on both Android and iOS.

As of today, more than 100 famous places from around the world can now be viewed in 3D through the service.

How does Google’s 3D immersive view work?

The feature combines artificial intelligence with billions of images (including Street View and satellite shots) to create realistic 3D views. Google presents this as a preview tool for tourists.

Aerial views are accessible to users from all over the world. If one is available, just search for a landmark on Google Maps and visit the Photos section.

Apple Maps already has something similar with Flyover, with the advantage that it does not focus only on emblematic places, but on entire cities.

More news

Google is also updating Google Maps bike navigation with  more detailed route information, including heavy car traffic, stairs, steep hills, and road types (such as a main road versus a side street). It will also allow you to compare routes more easily.

Cycling updates will hit “hundreds” of cities in the coming weeks.

Additionally, there will now be location sharing notifications that let you know when a friend arrives (or leaves) a certain location. Notifications are only turned on for people who have already agreed to share their locations.