Google Chrome for Android will say goodbye to data saving mode

Google will discontinue basic mode for Google Chrome with the arrival of more affordable data plans in many countries around the world.


Google will say goodbye to the basic mode in its Google Chrome browser for Android , the company reported through its Support page.

“On March 29, 2022, with the release of Chrome M100 to the stable channel, we will turn off Lite mode , a feature of Chrome for Android that we included in 2014 as Data Saver to help people to use less mobile data on their cell phones and load web pages faster,” the notice said .

What is the change in Google Chrome for Android?

“In basic mode, Chrome loads pages faster and reduces data usage by up to 60 percent,” explains the feature still included in Google Chrome for Android . Why does it disappear?

The announcement explains the reason why it will stop providing a basic mode: it is easier to access data.

“In recent years, we have seen a drop in the cost of data plans in many countries, in addition to having implemented several improvements to Chrome to further minimize data usage and improve web page loading,” says the Support team. from Chrome .

Google will also take a load off its shoulders, as in basic mode it uses its own servers to load pages faster.

Google Chrome for Android will continue to improve to provide faster loading of web pages on mobile phones, concludes the statement that says goodbye to basic mode.