Google Chrome will allow you to open several windows at the same time in Android 12

Take care of your RAM. Google Chrome prepares essential updates.

Updating Android 12 will give mobile users a choice of PCs for desktop and tablets.

Google Chrome will allow you to open multiple windows simultaneously in Google Chrome, just as if it were a computer, XDA Developers indicated.

Changes in code labeled “multiple instances” were detected in the Chromium developer repository, Google Chrome’s open-source base, and the new Microsoft Edge.

How does it work?

The changes in the code add the “New window” button, which allows opening the new instance of Google Chrome in the other half of the screen.

According to XDA DevelopersGoogle Chrome will allow you to open up to five windows simultaneously. The browser will also incorporate a new menu to manage them.

For now, only Android 12 beta users with Google Chrome beta can use this feature.