Google criticized Apple again for not adopting RCS messages

For Google , the RCS are indispensable for the world of cell phones. Apple doesn’t think so.

In the midst of its worldwide rollout of new devices, Google once again criticized Apple for not adopting RCS (Rich Communication Service) messages.

During the conference, the person in charge of sending the puya was Brian Rakowski, vice president of Product Management of the company.

“What are you waiting for to adopt him?”

“When it comes to text messaging, Pixel uses RCS for enhanced media sharing and end-to-end encryption,” the executive said. “ RCS is the modern industry standard for messaging and has already been adopted by most of the industry. We hope all device manufacturers get the message and embrace RCS , making texting better for all smartphone users.”

RCS is a secure and encrypted form of communication that does not involve applications and works through telephone operators. All Android phones can activate it. The idea is that, leaving aside the apps, you can instantly send messages such as photos, videos or voice notes, as well as see the status of the other person with whom you are having a conversation.

Already in the past, Google Senior Vice President Hiroshi Lockheimer has criticized Apple for not using the “really clear solution” and said the company is “holding back the user experience” for customers.

But Apple doesn’t care

Apple does not want to assimilate this standard.

The company has yet to adopt the standard even though Google has insisted for years.

And at Code 2022, when an attendee lamented that he couldn’t send some videos to his mother, who has an Android phone , Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested that he “buy his mother an iPhone.