Google employees criticize their CEO for compensation of US $ 226 million amid layoffs

Sundar Pichai announced cuts that included laying off 12,000 workers at Google .


It’s not just leadership questions at Meta , the high compensation received by Google CEO Sundar Pichai , amid a wave of cuts that includes thousands of layoffs, has drawn criticism within the tech giant .

Complicated internal climate at Google

Sundar Pichai ‘s compensation in 2022 was $226 million. 218 million came from shares programmed to be received every three years.

Google authorized the buyback of shares for 70 billion dollars, after Pichai commanded the elimination of 12,000 jobs.

These actions have drawn criticism from Google employees .

They compare you to other CEOs

Google employees started making memes comparing Sundar Pichai to other CEOs .

These stand out as Tim Cook , CEO of Apple , took a 40% cut in his compensation in 2022.

In another case, Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom , announced that he would cut his salary by 98% after his company announced the layoff of 1,300 people.

The memes were shared on internal Google forums , receiving hundreds of likes, CNBC has observed .

“The cuts apply to everyone… except our dedicated VPs and CEOs,” reads one of the memes.