Google formatted a Pixel 7 Pro remotely: it was already being sold online

The Pixel 7 Pro prototype was bought by Facebook according to its owner.


A new (or the same) prototype of a Pixel 7 Pro has been sold and remotely rebooted by Google in the last few hours. Which is the news? Which is a model that has not yet gone on sale or been officially announced by the company.

A few days ago an eBay publication came to light showing a user selling a prototype of Pixel 7 , a family that will hit the market at the end of the year from Google.

In one of the images, the team’s reflection shows that the author is taking a photo with what is supposed to be a Pixel 7 Pro . Said seller contacted The Verge and indicated that he came to sell said model.

But now there is new information about the whereabouts of said terminal.

The Pixel 7 Pro is already formatted

Although it is not certain that it is the same device, a user on Reddit has indicated that he has bought a Pixel 7 Pro on Facebook.

Presenting photos as evidence, the user assures that he spent three weeks using the phone normally under the belief that it was a Pixel 6 Pro. However, when the news of the prototypes for sale broke, Google remotely erased the content and the phone system, and the device was totally unusable.

Said model, according to the photographs, had 12 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 256 GB of flash memory. The prototype was a Pixel 7 Pro in “Obsidian” black.

Pixel 7 still with many mysteries

 Google  confirmed the upcoming Pixel 7 line of phones for the summer when it unveiled the affordable model of the Pixel 6 family.

These models look similar, but it has been noted that the housing and camera bar are made from a single piece of recycled aluminum.

Within its characteristics, it has only been anticipated that it will use the next generation of its Tensor chip, so it will be more powerful than the current series and will arrive with Android 13 at launch.