Google gives good news to Android users who use Bluetooth headphones

Automatic switching of Bluetooth audio between devices is finally coming to Android .


Bluetooth headphones  give us a more convenient connection and not limited by the length of a cable, but… what happens when we have multiple devices?

Google has announced news with Fast Pair , a technology that allows you to intelligently change the device that plays the audio via Bluetooth .

Google explains how it works

The post on Google ‘s official blog indicates that the new technology is built on top of Fast Pair , which provides contextual information about what the user is listening to.

This, with different categories such as calls, media and other sounds to prevent the change from being made unnecessarily.

Google gives an example: “If you’re watching a video on your tablet and you get a notification on your phone, the audio from your hearing aids won’t switch to mobile.”

The user will be able to control the experience with a notification that will appear, allowing them to switch the audio to the device they were originally using with just one command.

It will also be possible to connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time on Android .

This function arrives little by little

Google indicated that it will start supporting these news with the launch of its Pixel Buds Pro.

Select headphones from Sony and JBL will also be added in the coming weeks, Sony said.

Although Quick Switch will start as a feature limited to Android , Google hopes to expand it to other platforms and devices.

A welcome move from Google, but a late one

Samsung has been polishing the Bluetooth headset experience for years in ONE UI, its audio customization layer.

This includes features like Dual Audio (two different headsets at once) and smart switching between Galaxy devices .

Also in the case of Sony , their high -end headphones also support simultaneous connection to two devices at once.

And if we’re talking about Apple , automatic audio switching is also available using your AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max devices .