Google: How to locate which website an image came from?

Google has a tool to locate similar images and determine the website where the image comes from.


Google , the search giant, has a tool capable of locating which website an image comes from, it also allows searching for similar images and in different qualities.

How to find which site an image comes from in Google?

Locating which website an image comes from is very simple and all that is required is an internet connection and the image downloaded to your computer or your phone. To search for an image on Google :

  1. Go to the Google images section (you can find it by searching for Google images in the toolbar and the environment is very similar to the main Google portal )
  2. Once there, the image must be uploaded from the computer through the camera icon, Google images will locate thousands of photographs with direct access to the websites that are using it.
  3. You can click on each of them to see in which section it has been used.

This will allow the user to locate an image in the search engine or check if their photos are being used on an unauthorized third-party site. It is also an excellent alternative for those who want to give credits to website authors, but do not remember which portal. downloaded the images.

Other types of image search

You can also search for images by topic, or by website link for other uses, for example, you can search for the term pets and Google images will locate photos of pets, you can also enter a website and Google will get all the images of East.

For example, following the term ‘pets’ into ‘pet store’ will return images whose title or description is the keyword.

To find related images, Google will send some suggestions below the search bar, these are keywords that other users searched for when typing the chosen term.