Google: How to play animal sounds in the search engine?

Google recently added a curious functionality to search and play animal sounds.


Google is the most popular search page in the world, used by millions of users of all ages every day.

Google has very useful functions when searching for content, with tools that allow searching for images through URLs and uploading photos, Maps for routing, spreadsheets, email, cloud storage and tools for the company.

Search by animal sounds

One feature that Google has recently added was the ‘search by animal sounds’ feature available in both the desktop version and the official app. 

Sounds of 19 different animals can be heard including: cow, whale, wolf, zebra, owl, pig, rooster, tiger, turkey, penguin, pigeon, among others. 

How to search for sounds?

The funny option can be found from the search engine and it is only required to search for the phrase ‘How does it do’ followed by the name of the animal, for example if you search for the phrase ‘How does the pig do’ Google will show as a result, an audio track next to the photograph of the chosen animal.

To search for an animal sound, all you have to do is:

  1. Enter from the computer, mobile or Google app.
  2. Locate the search engine.
  3. Type “How do you…” followed by the name of the animal to choose.
  4. Press search or enter
  5. Press the wanted animal card on the loudspeaker icon.
  6. enjoy the experience

Google is adding more animals to its playlist, so you will soon be able to hear how they do: the ape, the moose, the snake, among others. 

This option is designed to help users gain knowledge about the animal kingdom and is an excellent alternative for parents with preschool children.