Google: How to see Google Maps in 3D?

Google has a 3D function that allows the user a different experience when viewing Google Maps.

Google Maps has solved the lives of many people who have searched within this application for a practical way to locate themselves within an environment that they do not know or out of a curious desire to verify the residence where they are or discover other places. The Google user has the world in the palm of his hands.

For this reason, Google  with an innovative attitude is constantly updating its service. One of these functions in Google Maps is the maps in three dimensions. In this way, the user approaches any corner of the world with a visual experience similar to being there in person. 

Google Maps 3D on mobile device

This update is found on Android devices, which allow 3D views to be placed within all maps of interest to the user. Either, visit buildings, landscapes, among other points of the globe, as if you were in that place. How to see these places in 3D? Here the simple steps.

  1. Open the Google Maps app
  2. Locate the point that the user wants to find out or find
  3. After that, press the button located in the upper right corner of the screen where an icon with two overlapping layers or Map Style appears.
  4. When the user presses this section, at the bottom of these options they must locate 3D, which is between Street View and Data on COVID-19
  5. Activate the function and you’re done.

In order to fulfill the experience perfectly, the user will have to find a function where the 3D function can be applied, as some places cannot provide such a tool.