Google: How to use its function to recognize songs you don’t know?

The Google assistant has a great tool that will help the user identify songs that are playing around them.

The Google company  is well known due to its functionalities that save users a lot of time, improve their experience in digital tools and have everything at their fingertips.

The Google assistant is a powerful tool that many users do not take full advantage of, it is capable of scheduling tasks, scheduling meetings and opening applications. An unknown tool for many users is to identify songs.The Google company opted for this function because many users usually search the platform for the name of the songs they heard in a restaurant, classroom or public space, and perform the search with short phrases or even how the melody sounds.

Asking Google Assistant to identify a melody is quite simple and can be done on Android or iPhone.

It is worth mentioning that some functions are not available for all countries, and some languages ​​do not have this tool.

To do it from Android you must follow the following steps.

  1. Press and hold the home button and say the phrase “Hey Google”
  2. Ask the assistant “What is this song?”
  3. When a song or melody is played, the Google assistant will identify it, if, on the contrary, the user heard the melody and only remembers how it sounds, they can also whistle or hum it, in this case, the assistant will search for possible results for the song, the user you can see the results page discarding songs until you reach the one you are looking for.

You can also use the Google application to identify a melody, for this it will be enough to open the Google application on a phone or tablet with Android operating system and in the search bar, touch the microphone icon, select search song and play a melody.

Thanks to the technology of Google Pixel 2 phones and later versions, you can also automatically receive notifications on the screen indicating what song is playing.

Identify a song for iPhone and iPad

Warning: the function is only available in the English language

Because the iPhone and iPad are not devices with the Android operating system , the user must have the Google application installed to identify a song.

The procedure will be the same on an iPhone or iPad: open the Google application, identify the search bar and touch the microphone. Ask the assistant “ what is this song?” Or touch the option search song.