Google introduces tool to rehearse job interviews

Google ‘s Interview WarmUp is the free artificial intelligence that will prepare you if you’re about to face a job interview.


Google has presented the perfect tool for all those who are about to pass their first job interview or for people who tend to get nervous during these. 

Interview WarmUp is an artificial intelligence that will train a user who is about to face this situation, both to look for a job and for other types of goals.

This initiative originates from the Google Career Certificate , the technology firm’s online learning program, with the aim that students graduating from it could have a means to practice what they would say in a job interview to the topics they studied.

However, now that it is available to the general public, Interview WarmUp ‘s artificial intelligence has been improved and its level has been extended so that users who wish to use it can apply it to their respective cases and careers.

How can I practice with Google Interview WarmUp?

The method to use this artificial intelligence is quite simple. You just have to enter the platform in question through the following link . Once here, you will need to choose one of the various job areas you would like to apply for, such as project management, data analysis, e-commerce, IT support (computer technician) or UX (interface) design.

After this, the AI ​​will subject the user to a mock job interview , usually made up of five random questions. The platform writes the following regarding its service: “Feel comfortable answering questions from industry experts. You just have to speak and your answers are transcribed in real time” .

Subsequently, the user may choose to edit their responses, by dictation or in writing, as many times as they deem necessary to receive a new assessment from the AI. More than an exam, what Interview WarmUp does is to identify noticeable patterns in the answers we offer to detect fillers and other problems.

“There are no qualifications, only information about what you have said. Check what employment-related terms you used, the most used words and the talking points you covered , ”says the platform.

After this, the system will invite us to continue improving using what we have practiced on successive occasions providing answers. “Keep building your confidence in a judgment-free zone,” she notes.

Worry-free upgrade with Google Interview WarmUp

Google mentions that its platform Interview WarmUp does not record or save information of any kind about the answers provided by users. However, while the session is open, we are allowed to store the transcribed text of our responses for later review.

In addition, there is a detail to consider: for now, Google Interview WarmUp can only evaluate responses in English , so we will have to adapt our responses to this language. But, since many people seek to apply for bilingual jobs, this tool can be of great help to fine-tune details and give an optimal job interview.