Google is not far behind: Android TV will allow you to make calls from your television

This is what’s coming in the operating system for Google TVs .

Google is working on a new capability for Android TV , which in its latest version 14 beta adds support for phone calls and notifications, which users can attend to from compatible apps on a TV.

Currently, Android TV supports the Google Meet service , which allows you to make and receive individual and group video calls on the TV, once this application has been downloaded through the Google Play Store .

Inclusion of video calls

The novelty of Android TV 14 beta therefore resides in the fact that this operating system will be able to receive call notifications from compatible applications while using the television, as explained by analyst Mishaal Rahman.

‘Call notifications’ and ‘Receive calls on this device’ are two of the indicators included in this latest update, which indicates that “call notifications are only displayed while you are in your personal user profile on the TV. ”

In order for the system to send a certain notification, users must modify the configuration in the profiles in which they wish to receive these calls and activate this alert system.

Other innovations integrated into this latest Android TV beta are new HDR controls , power management features, and a new format for managing audio devices.